Innovation - Tools & Technology

HCCI researches and develops new house call tools and technologies that improve care coordination across providers, for the benefit of patients and their families.

Home-based medical care providers today have access to many of the same care coordination tools and technologies previously only available in institutional settings. As a result, patients once dependent on hospitals for services can now receive more of their care at home.

Did you know:

  • Mobile technologies and electronic health records support the delivery of care in a host of settings.
  • Bluetooth-enabled medical devices give providers 24-hour access to a patient’s key vital signs and other clinical indicators.
  • Tele-health and web-based video technologies expand the reach and footprint of home-based primary care providers.
  • Health care technology is now highly portable – including hand-held imaging machines, smart phone diagnostic apps, and more.

This wide range of care coordination tools and technology are contributing to the resurgence of home-based primary care. Through the work HCCI conducts on workforce development and Home Centered Care Networks, we are on the cutting edge of this trend. To discuss how the right tools and technology can impact your house call program, contact us.

Integrated Care & Communications Software Platform

HCCI is actively innovating new house call tools and technology to satisfy the unmet needs of patients, caregivers, providers and health systems.

Our newest product, launching in 2016, is a support tool for treatment teams that facilitates communication, allows for more seamless care coordination, and helps providers, patients and their families engage in meaningful ways.

See our Home Centered Care Network page to learn more about this exciting new house call technology and its capabilities.