Education - House Call Program Development

HCCI guides health systems through the house call program development process.

Optimal house call program development can only happen when institutional leadership and other key stakeholders fully understand the benefit of value-based care and are involved in the planning process from the start. HCCI brings structure and experience to this process.

During strategic planning, many questions arise which require serious consideration from both a clinical and business perspective.

  • What are the best target patient populations?
  • How far will physicians and nurses travel?
  • How many visits should practitioners make per day?
  • What will it take to get system-wide buy-in?

HCCI is here to guide your health system through a strategic, systematic approach to developing a home-based primary care program. Integrating house calls into your overall service delivery and care coordination plan will put you on track to achieve health care’s Triple Aim.   

House Call Program Development Series 

Over the course of this 12-week program, HCCI leads your team through five two-hour working sessions. You will create a high-level Home Centered Care business plan that will prepare you to implement, appropriate policies and procedures for home physicians, establish benchmarks for projected growth and evaluate return on investment (ROI) metrics.

Session 1: Essential Components of Successful House Call Programs
Session 2: Patient Population and Service Area Analysis
Session 3: Home Physician Recruitment and Training
Session 4: House Call Program Finances and Funding
Session 5: Business Plan Presentation and Review

Once you have established your business plan, HCCI can provide targeted support as you implement your home-based primary care program and build out your resources. See Workforce Development for more information.

HCCI house call program development services create well-trained home physicians