HCCI: Education and Training

We prepare health systems, home physicians and coordinated care teams to deliver high-quality home-based primary care.

Today, there is a shortage of highly trained physicians making house calls and an increased need for Home-Centered Care. HCCI’s education and house call training addresses the full range of clinical and practice management skills home physicians need to provide high-quality home-based care and develop successful house call practices.  

In order to meet the growing demand for home-centered care, we are also collaborating with health systems and academic medical centers around the country to develop a standardized home-based primary care curriculum. Scroll down for information on HCCI’s exciting new 2-day program for clinicians and administrators.

HCCI workforce development programs are created with the entire care team in mind. They are available to multi-disciplinary professionals across the continuum of care and have the greatest impact when the following professionals participate in a joint learning process:

  • Health system leadership
  • Home physicians, nurses and physician assistants
  • Foundation executives
  • Coordinated care partners

Current educational opportunities include:

  • Why Home Centered Care…and Why Now?
  • Starting, Developing and Maintaining a House Call Program
  • Addressing the Needs of Complex Patients
  • Incorporating Community Resources into Home Centered Care
  • Philanthropy as a Revenue Source for Home Centered Care

See House Call Program Development for more information about our services.

Growing the Extraordinary House Call Program

Home physicians often care for the sickest patients, delivering services ranging from geriatric house calls to chronic disease management and palliative care. To ensure we are collectively equipped to achieve our most critical population health goals – particularly for our most under-served patient populations – HCCI is committed to developing and delivering house call training and practice management support.

With this objective in mind, HCCI is collaborating with the nation’s top providers of home-based primary care to develop regional Home Centered Care Training Sites. On-site education offers important opportunities for:

  • Multi-day clinical and house call practice management conferences
  • Published curriculum of core competencies
  • 1:1 shadowing with seasoned home physicians
  • Ongoing home physician peer mentoring and continuing education

The inaugural training program from HCCI was held in November, 2016. “Growing the Successful House Call Program” is an innovative, hands-on 2-day training program for mastering the critical clinical and practice management skills and concepts unique to the home-based medical care delivery model. This learning opportunity helps organizations minimize time to implementation, manage obstacles along the way, and put a process in place for optimizing the patient and provider experience. View the agenda and faculty for the November program. 

The program was sponsored in part by support from The John A Hartford Foundation.