HCCI is improving the way coordinated care teams integrate, communicate and share data by bringing patients, families and caregivers into the conversation.

HCCI is developing new technologies to enable Home-Based Primary Care to support house call providers, homebound patients, their families and their caregivers. Prior models of coordinated care failed to fully integrate the efforts of the various providers serving homebound patients. Practitioners operated mainly in silos – limiting important communication and creating inefficiencies in the delivery of care.

By creating a cohesive platform of accessible technology, tools, and solutions that will include health and human service providers as well as patients, HCCI is empowering all involved to share more information, ask smarter questions and respond more fully to the full breadth of patients’ needs.

Home-Based Primary Care Networks

A coordinated constellation of home and community-based providers that allow patients to receive better, less costly care. 

Practice Management Data Registry

Collective benchmarking and analysis of the house call program, various business models, best practices and long-term sustainability.

Tools and Technology

The right tools and technologies are making home-based primary care practice an increasingly viable model of care.