July 9th, 2018
Categories: Practice Management

Shawna Ramey, Manager of Practice Management for Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI) shares the 5 Most Important Things To Know About Practice Management for Home-Based Primary Care (HBPC) Practices.

About HCCI
The Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI) is a national non-profit organization focused on advancing home-based primary care (HBPC) to ensure that chronically ill, medically complex and homebound patients have access to high-quality care in their home. HCCI works with leading academic medical centers, health systems, and industry experts to raise awareness of and advocate for expanding the HBPC model by growing the HBPC workforce through education and training and developing a research-based model for sustainable house call program implementation and growth.

Our Mission and Vision
The Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI) is dedicated to creating universal access to best practice house call programs, making home-based primary care the national standard for treating medically complex patients who are better cared for in the home.

We seek to ensure every patient in need has access to quality medical care in the home that results in a profound improvement in medical outcomes, patient and family experience and health care spend.

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