HCCI gratefully acknowledges the following testimonials from our clients and other key partners. Please note that the professional titles and affiliated organizations listed for each person below were current as of the time the testimonial was provided and may have changed. Thank you.

From Providers

“[Since working with HCCI]…. I’ve doubled my patient census and increased my revenue by nearly 80% just by knowing what to bill and what advanced coding opportunities are available. I’ve also enhanced my clinical competence, gained favorable media attention, expanded my network, and become more recognizable throughout my community. Doing house calls, I get to know my patients on a much more personal level.”
– Jennifer Ayrey, MSN, APRN, AGNP-C, Priority House Calls LLC – Florida House Call Project Champion

“HCCI took my practice and its income to a new level. They’ve also helped me improve the overall quality of care my practice provides. After doing a self-audit with HCCI, I also created a great Pre-PA internship to run my CCM program!”
– Christine Gardella, MMS, PA-C, Founder/Owner of Medicine at Home

HCCI’s Confer Analytics™ Platform

Our work with Confer Analytics™ has provided us with critical insights into our own marketplace and the ones we are considering for expansion. After testing multiple CMS dataset solutions, we found that Confer Analytics™ was the most cost-effective and user-friendly solution for our ACO.”
– Thomas Lally, MD Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman Bloom Healthcare

“Confer Analytics™ allows us to study our competition in new markets and understand the referral patterns in the region so that we can strategically build new partnerships.”
– Rebecca Ramsay, MPH, BSN Chief Executive Officer Housecall Providers

HCCI Education

“The HCCI Workshop was a great asset to my practice as it gave me deeper insight on how to position myself to market to larger practices as well as how to communicate the value of house calls.”
–  Nicole Eversley-Hall, MSN, APRN, NP-C, N-Hall Medical Services, LLC – Florida House Call Project Champion

“It was refreshing and invigorating to gather with other colleagues in the home-based care arena. The faculty were open, eager to share their experiences, and vulnerable. HCCI has created a rich workshop that is incredibly relevant and helpful.”
– Ami Goodnough, DNP, CRNP, ACHPN, Aliegis Care

“Great opportunity to meet a passionate, knowledgeable group of people already revolutionizing the future of health care and meeting the needs of the vulnerable.”
– Gusti Labatte-Deneau, AAPRN, ANP-BC, ACHPN, CDP, Exceptional Care Choice, LLC

“Overall, I watched as the HCCI workshop participants entered as strangers, found a common spirit, and left as friends and colleagues committed to continuing to partner.”
– Margherita Labson, BSN, MSHSA, Principal, MCLabson Consultation and Education LLC, and an HCCI board member

“These workshops always reinvigorate me and the work we do… it is so motivating to see all the great work being done around the country…”
– Thomas Mallidi, MD, AMITA Housecall Physicians

“The HCCI workshop was very educational and covered a lot of information that will help me make changes in my home-based primary care practice to improve the outcomes of my patients and help grow my business.”
–  April Odom, APRN, FNP-BC, Physicals Plus – Illinois House Call Project Champion

“My experience was positive, and the discussion and teachings were very informative. It’s nice being part of a group of providers and professionals with a passion for the house calls mission.”
– LaLanya Robertson, Director of Operations/Owner of Florida Mobile Physicians

“As hospice, palliative, and advanced illness care providers, National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation members are experts at providing care in the home. We are excited to continue our work with the specialists at HCCI to bring NPHI members the opportunity to learn about home-based primary care delivery. Whether beginning a practice or expanding current offerings, HCCI’s Workshops provide a collaborative, engaging learning environment from which attendees take away actionable steps and tools.”
– Sarah Sharp, Manager, Center for Education and Vendor Relations at NPHI

“HCCI’s Essential Elements for Home-Based Primary Care workshop was the first conference I attended in literally decades in which the entire conference was worth my while.”
– Stephen Sorsby, MD, MHA, assistant professor, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

“The program was so inspiring… these two days went fast. Not only did the program provide me with great information but hearing from the presenters and attendees recharged me.”
– Veronica Tarala, APRN, Palos Northwestern Medicine

HCCI Consulting and HCCIntelligence™ Resources

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do the clinical work and program development for those trying to create successful solo HBPC practices. Having access to HCCI’s guidance and materials has been great.”
– Nichole Bateman, PA-C, MPAS, Integris Mobile Care

“The HCCI Superbill Worksheet was an incredible help in our transition to the new 2023 codes.”
– Dustin Johnson, President, Doma Health and Head of Operations, Pathway Geriatrics

“HCCI’s [chart] audit and written report were detailed and provided great tips for improving our documentation to gain additional reimbursement. Having them review my charts was a worthwhile investment. The HCCI Learning Hub™ is also an invaluable resource for home care and house call clinicians. The courses and tip sheets are well put together and provide up-to-date and relevant information.”
– Chantal Lewis, MD, founder, Mednovations

From Caregivers

“Home-based primary care makes the patient feel special and the patient and caregiver more comfortable. It’s so much easier to have the provider come to you.”
– Long-time caregiver for, a homebound patient, who sits on the HCCI Advisory Board

Illinois House Call Project

The Illinois House Call Project logo

“Participating in the Illinois House Call Project has been exciting! We have learned about many opportunities, met in-person and virtually, and received information to improve our processes. We also have experts [at HCCI] that we can call on for advice. We have grown and look forward to future possibilities in this program.”
– Letasha Lewis, APN, FNP, Clinical Administrator, and Nurse Practitioner of Frontier Healthcare Systems

“HCCI’s Illinois House Call Project is a terrific resource for house call providers. It provides valuable networking and course instruction, plus the practice assessment course gave me new ideas to consider in my business operations. I’d recommend that new cohort participants take advantage of as many HCCI offerings as they can. Not only can HCCI help them expand their networks, but the courses they offer can help them enhance their operations.”
– Dr. April Odom, APRN, Family Nurse Practitioner, CEO of Physicals Plus