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The Future of Healthcare is IN THE HOME

Seven million people in the U.S. go unnoticed almost every day. They are the home-limited and homebound elderly. They are chronically ill and medically complex.  They are those who cannot get to a doctor, whose families can’t help them get there, or for whom going to the doctor is an all-day affair. They are, in this way, “invisible” – and many of the most vulnerable among us.

There’s a solution. It’s called Home-Based Primary Care.
It’s the modern-day version of the House Call.

Several factors have converged to create an industry-wide “perfect storm” that has set the stage for the reemergence of house calls – our aging society, healthcare legislative reform, and the fiscal crisis facing Medicare and Medicaid. We recognize the need to provide better care in the home, care that improves health outcomes and quality of life for patients, families, and caregivers. And, by extension, care that reduces costs.

For Patients and Families

Bringing medical expertise and healthcare technology into the home keeps people out of hospitals, emergency rooms, ICUs, and nursing homes. It offers convenience and comfort. It connects patients and families to needed services and supports in the community – and to each other.

For Family Caregivers

Home-based primary care helps reduce anxiety, stress, feelings of isolation and, burdens of daily caregiving. It also provides caregivers with needed emotional support and recognition for the invaluable role they play in the lives of their loved ones.

For Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, other Clinicians, and Practice Staff

The home setting allows for deeper, more meaningful relationships with patients, family members and caregivers. Care is less rushed, leading to a greater opportunity for connection, and more rewarding overall, reminding them of why they went into medicine in the first place.

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Read more about the need for home-based primary care, the role of HCCI, and progress to meet that challenge in the HCCI Story.

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