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As a nationally recognized authority on clinical and operational best practices for home-based care, Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI) is an ideal resource partner for house call programs of all sizes. HCCI offers affordable consulting solutions to help you build and grow a thriving home care practice. Our expert consultants will work with you to achieve your goals – whether you are launching a new practice or wanting to improve the efficiency of your existing operations, whether you are expanding services to qualify for value-based payment or wanting to enhance provider confidence in caring for medically-complex patients at home.

Each client is assigned a team of experts to serve as a consistent resource throughout the engagement. Call 630.283.9222 or email to learn more.

Our knowledgeable consulting team includes:

  • Providers with extensive experience in home-centered care.
  • Practice managers skilled in operating efficient house call programs and who are leaders in practice transformation.
  • Professional medical coders and auditors with national certifications.
  • Other professionals with expertise in strategic planning, marketing, education and training, and quality improvement.



HCCI excels at working with home-based care practices to:

  • Build sustainable business models that prioritize high quality care, increase accessibility for patients, and demonstrate value to payers and other stakeholders
  • Promote quality documentation and foster a culture of compliance
  • Improve efficiency and maximize reimbursement
  • Transform practice models and expand services to bridge gaps in care

Our standard consulting packages and customized engagements below can address these needs and more:

Chart Audits: Coding and Documentation 

A certified medical coder will conduct a formal chart audit of the identified practice’s patient charts and provide confidential, qualified feedback on selected providers’ documentation practices and coding (learn how these audits can help your practice here).  HCCI will review a sample of the practice’s progress notes and offer confidential, useful feedback on your providers’ documentation practices and coding.

Consider a Chart Audits package to:

  • Ensure your practice’s coding accurately represents each patient’s diagnosis and the services provided.
  • Increase revenue through appropriate use of available codes, proper documentation, and timely reimbursement for services provided to patients and their families.
  • Identify areas of compliance risk, recognize opportunities for improvement, and educate providers and staff based on known gaps.
  • Receive a comprehensive chart audit report, and a summary overview that describes findings, opportunities for improvement or growth, and recommendations.
  • Debrief report findings via a one-hour facilitated session with your program leadership and deliver a customized one-hour education session for providers and staff.

Practice Assessment

HCCI’s experts will travel to your house call program to observe and assess the team’s clinical and operational practices, policies and procedures, using our exclusive, multi-faceted implementation model and comprehensive scorecard.  The HCCI Practice Assessment Scorecard was developed using input and insight from industry leaders, including the HCCI Practice Advisory Group, as well as environmental scans, pilot testing, and data analysis.

Consider a Practice Assessment package to:

  • Compare your practice’s performance, policies, and procedures with recommended best practices and benchmark key metrics against national and state Medicare averages.
  • Gain more confidence in your program’s business/growth strategies.
  • Identify and address practice gaps and opportunities for improvement through additional training and development.
  • Receive a comprehensive and confidential report to share with your C-suite leaders and others, as desired.

Consulting Services Retainer

Our complimentary HCCIntelligence™ Hotline is a valuable and appropriate resource for occasional questions and concerns of a limited scope; however, some needs are better suited to a contracted engagement with our consulting services team. In such cases, you might want to consider a Consulting Services Retainer. Just select the number of hours you would like to have our consultants work with you. Whether you require ad hoc assistance on a big project or want flexible support on an ongoing basis, we can help you identify your priorities and plan the best course of action. Consultants will schedule personalized, dedicated time with you and your practice as needed.

Customized Consulting

We understand every practice is unique. If you have challenges that require unique solutions, or if you have a project that has a defined scope but is not listed above as one of our standard consulting packages, you might consider a customized consulting engagement. We will work with you to define your needs, craft a suitable project plan with clear aims and milestones, and partner with you to execute as appropriate. While our consultants can work with you on any facet of your house call program, some examples include:

  • Planning, support, and evaluation of new program launch
  • Assessment of practice operations and workflows
  • Design and execution of individualized learning activities, such as a ride-along with an experienced home-based care provider



Here’s what previous clients have to say about HCCI Consulting Services:

“It was HCCI’s assessment that really helped us get our program moving and I will always be grateful to your team for the feedback we received in your report.” — Laura Wohler, RN, Director of Clinical Services, Caring Circle of Lakeland

“I found HCCI’s chart review and audit extremely helpful. The written report was detailed and provided great tips for improving documentation to gain additional reimbursement. They also provided useful handouts and website links. As I am a solo house call physician, I can definitely say, having HCCI review my charts was a worthwhile investment.” — Chantel Lewis, MD, Mednovations, LLC

“I learned so much. The information presented will help me fine tune my practice… with your help!” – Ada Tapper, DNP, APRN, Chief Clinical Officer, ACT Health Solutions



Discover how your practice can benefit from working with our team of expert consultants. Call 630.283.9222 or email  to learn more.