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HCCI Consulting Services
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At Home Centered Care Institute, we are committed to transforming health care through sustainable, innovative house call programs that enhance the patient experience, improve health outcomes, and reduce costs.

HCCI is already well known for creating the country’s first-ever comprehensive training curriculum in home-based primary care (HBPC). Our workshops and online courses have helped hundreds of practices across the U.S. enhance their productivity and efficiency, increase provider confidence in caring for medically-complex patients at home, and maximize reimbursement through appropriate coding and billing.

Now, HCCI is pleased to offer affordable consulting services tailored to meet your practice’s specific needs.

Our consultants include:

  • Providers with extensive experience in HBPC
  • Practice managers skilled in running house call programs and recognized with national certifications in coding and medical auditing
  • Other professionals with expertise in strategic planning, marketing, education and training, and quality improvement

In addition, we have established HCCI Centers of Excellence (COEs) for Home-Based Primary Care™ in partnership with leading academic institutions across the U.S. This collaboration provides HCCI and its clients with access to an interdisciplinary cadre of COE faculty who are national leaders and experts in home-based care, and specialists in geriatrics, internal medicine, family practice, and more.


What Consulting Services Are Available from HCCI?

Practice Assessments

Experts in the field will travel to your practice to observe and assess your team’s clinical and operational practices over a two-day period.

  • Compare your practice’s performance, policies, and procedures with recommended national standards on 150+ key metrics.
  • Gain enhanced confidence in your program’s business/growth strategies, and identify practice gaps.
  • and/or opportunities for staff training and development.
  • Identify and address opportunities for continuous quality improvement.
  • Receive a comprehensive and confidential report to share with your C-suite or other leadership, as desired.

Chart Audits – Coding and Documentation

A nationally certified medical auditor will conduct a formal audit of the practice’s patient charts, providing confidential, qualified feedback on your providers’ documentation practices and coding.

  • Ensure that your practice’s coding accurately represents each patient’s diagnosis and the services provided.
  • Increase revenue by appropriately using available codes, with proper documentation, to be reimbursed in a timely manner for the services provided to patients and their families.
  • Minimize compliance risk by identifying and correcting billing errors.
  • Achieve peace of mind in the event of a third-party audit.

Onsite Coaching – Coding, Billing, and Documentation

A nationally certified medical auditor will assess your practice’s coding and billing procedures, review a sampling of patient charts, and evaluate the quality of provider documentation to identify gaps and targeted opportunities for improvement. Our expert(s) will then travel to your practice to provide onsite coaching and to recommend, develop, and/or implement semi-custom documentation tools and training support plans aimed at enhancing documentation and increasing reimbursement.

  • Establish proper billing and documentation procedures that will be used consistently across your practice.
  • Enhance your team’s competence in coding, billing, and documentation.
  • Increase revenue and reduce compliance risk.

To connect with HCCI and discover how your current or future practice can benefit from working with our team of professionals and expert consultants call 630.283.9222 or email

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