Education Overview

HCCI is committed to educating the future HBPC workforce, bring more providers and practice managers into the field, and set clinical and operational standards for HBPC.  HCCI offers a variety of educational opportunities including; standardized training in the form of instructor-led workshops, online courses for deeper dives into specific clinical and practice management topics, and individualized practicum experiences offering providers and practice managers the chance to shadow trained preceptors in the field.

HCCI also offers Customized Education! Because we know that off-the-shelf education doesn’t always fit, HCCI will customize education activities to meet the unique needs of your house call program or professional organization. We offer onsite or virtual delivery of a wide range of clinical and practice management topics, as well as designation of CME/CE credit. Visit our Customized Education page to learn more.

HCCI provides you with a turnkey solution to onboard, train, and develop every member of the house call team.
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Education Opportunities

Essential Elements of HBPC™ Workshop

This two-day foundational workshop is designed for learners who are considering or who are relatively new to offering home-based primary care (HBPC) services for patients with complex medical conditions. In this highly interactive activity, learners will enhance their knowledge and skills through case-based sessions focusing on clinical and economic factors unique to HBPC, including patient assessment; prognostication and advance care planning; medication management; acute/urgent care; technology useful in enhancing patient care and productivity; supporting caregivers; cultural competence; staffing, operations and process workflows; budgeting and revenue cycle management; coding and billing; and provider safety and self-care.

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Advanced Applications of HBPC™ Workshop

Designed for experienced home-based primary care (HBPC) providers and practice staff, this two-day workshop will prepare and equip learners to succeed in value-based payment arrangements. This activity is also ideal for those who have completed the Essential Elements of Home-Based Primary Care™ workshop and are ready to continue their learning. Sessions present actionable strategies in the following areas: required staffing, infrastructure, and data; patient identification; cost-effective management of medications and conditions commonly found in HBPC patients (e.g., dementia, CHF); quality measurement and reducing gaps in care; risk adjustment models, including Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding; and demonstrating the value of HBPC when negotiating with payers. Also available is hands-on training in HBPC procedures including, wound care, gastrostomy and tracheostomy tube changes, and joint injections.

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Online Courses

HCCI offers online courses for home-based primary care professionals interested in expanding their skills and taking deeper dives into topics relevant to the field of HBPC. HCCI provides learners with numerous learning opportunities on a wide range of clinical and practice management topics. Courses vary in length, depth, and format (videos, podcasts, webinars, videos, self-paced learning modules, gamification) and will allow you access to up-to-date information on industry trends and practices, from experts in the field.

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House Call Practicum™

The HCCI House Call Practicum™ is a unique two-day field experience that allows providers and practice managers to shadow trained preceptors and acquire new knowledge and skills in house call operations and clinical care for medically complex patients in the home. The HCCI House Call Practicum™ offers an individualized learning opportunity at one of our Practice Excellence Partner (PEP)™ sites, which are programs recognized nationwide as premier providers of home-based primary care.

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