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How HCCI Supports the Cohort


  • HCCI has championed home-based primary care (HBPC), otherwise known as the “modern-day house call,” for years, and we continue to look for others to join the movement.
  • As a nationally recognized non-profit organization based in Schaumburg, Il., we seek to ensure every patient in need has access to quality medical care in the home, or place called “home,” that results in a profound improvement in medical outcomes, patient and family experience, and health care spending.

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Illinois House Call Project – Cohort 2 Launch

  • The application process for the second cohort of the Illinois House Call Project is now closed. Selected practices will receive notification soon.
  • The second cohort will include a select group of highly qualified Illinois medical practices, including independent practices, those affiliated with hospital systems, and even specialty groups, along with hospice and palliative care programs looking to add or expand their home-based primary care offerings.
  • Each selected practice will designate up to three “Home Centered Care Champions” (providers and practice professionals) to lead their work.
  • With the addition of this new cohort, the new goal of the ILHCP will be to collectively enroll 6,000 new homebound or home-limited people in their homes from 2022 to 2026.
  • HCCI will provide the Champions with expertise, guidance, and comprehensive resources, including education, consulting, tools, market analysis, marketing/PR training, and the opportunity to receive capacity-building funding ─ so they are well-positioned to lead and champion home-based primary care across the state.

Benefits of Participating

As a participant in the Illinois House Call Project (ILHCP), you will receive the following benefits (over $25,000 in value):

  • Serve a key role in Illinois and in the movement to improve patients’ access to high-quality HBPC. You will make a difference!
  • Have an opportunity to apply for and receive capacity-building funding to support your practice’s growth and sustainability goals.
  • Receive complimentary access to on-demand, web-based courses, and customized education activities (and earn CME/CE credit), offered exclusively to ILHCP Champions.
  • Receive complimentary access to select HCCIntelligence™ Premier Tools and Tip Sheets.
  • Utilize tailored market intelligence through the Confer Analytics™ platform to thrive in the home care market and make informed, data-driven decisions.
  • Have an opportunity to participate in exclusive networking events with Champions from other practices participating in the ILHCP.
  • Be invited to take part in a confidential and comprehensive Practice Assessment to address practice gaps and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Engage in a personalized online community, fostering ongoing collaboration and learning with ILHCP Champions from both cohorts, as well as subject matter experts in home-based medical care.
  • Be recognized on the HCCI website as one of the state’s leading house call programs and the premier provider of HBPC.
“HCCI’s Illinois House Call Project is a terrific resource for house call providers. It provides valuable networking and course instruction, plus the practice assessment course gave me new ideas to consider in my business operations. I’d recommend that new cohort participants take advantage of as many HCCI offerings as they can. Not only can HCCI help them expand their networks, but the courses they offer can help them enhance their operations.” Dr. April Odom, APRN, Family Nurse Practitioner, CEO of Physicals Plus, Illinois House Call Project Champion, Cohort 1

If you have questions about the Illinois House Call Project, contact Karly Denes at 630-283-9210 or