Research Overview

A growing evidence base demonstrates that home-based primary care (HBPC) saves money, improves outcomes, and promotes aging in place.

HCCI closely monitors published studies relevant to the field and reports on findings and outcomes – in particular, those that contribute to the business case and identification of best practices in HBPC.

HCCI’s staff and network of experts are also on the front lines as co-authors and/or principal investigators for numerous studies.

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HCCI Research Solutions for Growing Your HBPC Practice

In this HCCI blog article, Aaron Yao, PhD, HCCI Research Director, a research scientist in geriatrics at the University of Virginia, and Cheeloo Scholar Professor at the Shandong University College of Medicine in Jinan City, China, and Melissa Singleton, HCCI Chief Learning Officer, discuss the research HCCI performs and the services it offers home-based primary care (HBPC) practices seeking to answer critical questions about their programs, their competitors, and the communities they serve.

A growing evidence base shows that HBPC improves quality of care and promotes aging in place while reducing overall healthcare costs. Being able to access and use this information to demonstrate value to payers and other stakeholders is critical for HBPC practices looking to sustain and grow their house call programs.


Q&A Video with Aaron Yao

Watch the full conversation with Dr. Yao and short clips from the video which address the types of research HCCI conducts, the process used, his team’s composition, the benefits that HCCI research offers small and large organizationsand more.