Data Analytics

  • Who are my competitors and how does my practice compare?
  • We want our practice to grow, but how can we be sure our service area will be well-matched to patients in need?
  • How can I identify performance gaps within my practice so our team will function more efficiently, and the practice as a whole will be more sustainable in the long term?

Research is essential to answering these and other critical questions about your house call program, your competitors, and the community(ies) you serve.

Unless your program is part of a large academic institution or a well-funded corporate health system, you likely don’t have the benefit of a team of in-house research experts. Fortunately, HCCI does have a research team, and we are available to help.

We use various data from Medicare, Census, American Community Survey, literature and other sources to conduct in-depth analyses in:

  • Supply Assessment by Region
  • Market Assessment by Region
  • Service Area/Radius Map by Driving Time
  • Provider Recruitment Opportunities by Region

Our team can also analyze data from your practice to help you achieve quality improvement goals, and/or we can work with you to design and execute custom studies, including:

  • Benchmarking/Scorecard Performance/Quality Evaluation
  • Clinical and Self-reported Outcomes
  • Comparative Evaluation Studies (e.g., to demonstrate reduction in health care utilization and cost savings)

For more information on HCCI Research Services, please contact