Home Based Primary Care Technology

Although today’s home-care clinicians have a lot in common with house call physicians of the past, they are armed with much more than just a little black bag. In fact, portable technology plays an important role in today’s home-based primary care (HBPC) practice, aiding in diagnosis and care of a wide variety of patients.

Below are just a few of the many portable technology options available to HBPC providers:

  • Portable X-ray
  • Hand-held point of care ultrasound
  • Phlebotomy services
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Hand-held point of care bladder scanner
  • Point of care EKG
  • Heart monitor
  • Wireless blood pressure monitor
  • Home peak flow meter
  • Inhaler use monitor
  • Point of care blood analyzer
  • Medication compliance monitor
  • Continuous glucose monitor
  • Wireless scale

There are also numerous communication tools, software and application programs that can assist clinicians in the field. These resources provide a host of services – from helping with diagnosis and care to enhancing personal safety.

To learn more about the technology tools used by HBPC providers today, call HCCI at 630-283-9200.