Course Description

Register today for this unique two-day field experience designed to allow providers and practice managers to shadow trained preceptors and acquire new knowledge and skills in house call operations and clinical care for medically complex patients in the home. The HCCI House Call Practicum™ offers an individualized learning opportunity at our Practice Excellence Partner (PEP)™, which are programs recognized nationwide as premier providers of home-based primary care.

On Day 1, you will accompany your PEP Preceptor on house calls and observe the various steps followed by the practice prior to, during, and after each home visit. Your preceptor will also describe or demonstrate the practice’s approach to the management of urgent issues in the field, after-hours coverage, communication with practice staff, and care coordination.

On Day 2, you will observe front and back office operations, including scheduling, new patient intake, and appointment confirmation; preparing and maintaining supplies and packing the medical bag; triage and communication; billing, coding, and revenue cycle review; analytics; patient selection criteria and service area; marketing and outreach activities; staffing and productivity.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the HCCI House Call Practicum™, you will be able to:

  • Describe the day-to-day practices of one of the nation’s premier home-based primary care programs.
  • Demonstrate enhanced knowledge and skills in HBPC practice operations and efficiency.
  • Apply effective strategies for providing optimal, patient-centered care for medically complex patients in the home.

HCCI House Call Practicum™ at Cleveland Clinic, an HCCI Practice Excellence Partner™

Your two-day experience at the Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Care At Home Program will provide you with a front row seat to the clinical and practice management operations housed at this large multispecialty nonprofit academic medical center in Ohio. Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Care At Home Program provides primary care services to more than 1,700 frail, home-limited seniors who would otherwise struggle to be cared for in a traditional office setting. Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Care At Home Program also participates in two alternative payment models, CPC+ and Independence at Home, which enables them to be paid on outcomes and value rather than typical fee-for-service contracts. Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Care At Home Program includes physicians, nurse practitioners, a physician assistant and nurse manager, medical assistants, paramedics, care coordinators, patient services specialists, a medical coder, a reimbursement specialist, and more. In addition to ongoing primary medical care and management of chronic illness, the program offers geriatric consults (for evaluation of memory, physical and mental capacity, fall risk and more), palliative consults, and telemedicine for urgent visits.

$1250 per person

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Stay tuned: Additional HCCI Practice Excellence Partners™ will be added soon!

Note: You may add the Telemedicine Elective as a third day when you enroll in the HCCI House Call Practicum™, or you may register for just the one-day Telemedicine Elective at Cleveland Clinic.