HCCI Telemedicine Elective at Cleveland Clinic, an HCCI Practice Excellence Partner™

The HCCI House Call Practicum™ TelemedicineElective is an optional full-day activity designed to introduce you to the various technologies used by Cleveland Clinic to conduct virtual visits with their patients through synchronous, bi-directional video with the assistance of paramedics at the home.  You will first receive an overview of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring via the HCCI eLearning module, Telehealth in Home-Based Primary Care. Next, you will ride along with the paramedics to observe the use of the video technology at the patient’s bedside. Finally, you will spend time with the provider back at the office, observing several virtual visits, discussing the various factors involved in implementing a telemedicine program, including potential barriers, privacy legal issues, selection of appropriate technology, patient/caregiver satisfaction, and reimbursement considerations.

You may add the TelemedicineElective as a third day when you enroll in the HCCI House Call Practicum™, or you may register for just the one-day Telemedicine Elective at Cleveland Clinic.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the HCCI Telemedicine Elective, you will be able to:

  • Describe factors to consider prior to implementation of a telemedicine program.
  • Review how technology is used in the home.
  • Explain the staffing of the telemedicine program.
  • Discuss how patients are scheduled for virtual visits.

$625 per person

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