Why is Home-Based Primary Care Training Important?

Most professionals working in health care today follow strict treatment protocols and practice guidelines. But no such roadmap yet exists for the home-based primary care (HBPC) practitioner. And the lack of specific standards can make practicing home-based medicine more challenging. The Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI) now offers a clear path for HBPC professionals to obtain the education and training they need.

The HCCI Essential Elements of Home-Based Primary Care foundational course brings standardization and consistency to the HBPC industry.

We created our comprehensive training protocol using contributions and input from a national cadre of experts in the field. Working together, these experts developed a curriculum that guides learners through an approach to caring for chronically ill and other medically complex patients that lends credibility to the field of home care medicine and consistency to the practice of HBPC. Using this curriculum, HCCI is sponsoring evidence-based research to identify and validate best clinical and operations practices for HBPC. Eventually, we will move toward accreditation in the field.

HBPC is not the same as home care or geriatric medicine. HCCI Training helps prepare professionals for the unique practice of HBPC.

HBPC is unlike any other form of medicine. It’s one of the reasons many providers find HBPC a welcome relief from traditional practice. But it also requires them to understand the unique aspects of working in a non-traditional environment. In HCCI’s Essential Elements course, we address specific HBPC issues – from special billing procedures to safety precautions. We even give participants the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge through an elective 2-day field experience,  the HCCI House Call Practicum™, during which you’ll work alongside seasoned providers and practice managers.

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