Seeking Grants for an Association, a Small Business or for Research

| Home Health Care News |

One of the largest home care and community health organizations in the country has landed additional financial support to continue building out its home-based primary care and palliative medicine offerings.

Holmdel, New Jersey-based Visiting Nurse Association Health Group announced in January that it had been awarded a $2.5 million grant from the Parker Foundation to assist its Advanced Care Institute.

The nonprofit VNA Health Group is led by Dr. Steven Landers, a geriatric medicine physician who serves as the organization’s president and CEO, and who has taken a thought leadership role for the industry through projects such as The Future of Home Health Care.

“The funding is really for the growth and continued development of the Advanced Care Institute, allowing us to do more community outreach, add more physicians and keep some services going that are hard to sustain financially without philanthropy,” Landers, who took over as CEO in 2012, told Home Health Care News. “I’m very passionate about home-based care for frail elders. I’ve done many home-based visits myself and believe strongly in the positive impact of in-home primary medical care for low-mobility, high-risk seniors.” Read the full article