Date: 4|11|2023

What would be your next step as the director of a home-centered care practice if you needed up-to-date, accurate business intelligence to help you expand and prepare for payer negotiations?

Information about your market like how many people need and are getting house calls, which practices provide those house calls, are they involved in value-based contracts, what is the quality of the care they provide, and how does your practice compare?

Which choice would you make?

You could get the most recent CMS homecare data for your market. But that will take time and money, possibly a year or more to get set up, and likely over $200K to access the data and bring on an analyst.

Or try a better, faster, and significantly more affordable solution. Activate your free 14-day trial of the Confer Analytics™ platform and let it do the work for you — starting now. Developed by experts at the Home Centered Care Institute and tested by leading home care providers, the platform offers affordable solutions for answering essential business questions related to patient demographics, capacity for growth, quality benchmarks, referral sources, and more.

What makes up the platform?

The platform integrates multiple data sources to create a unique, intuitive, and interactive business intelligence tool featuring 100% Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid claims (totaling 200M+ lives) and data from public and proprietary sources. It also includes 35+ standardized dashboards to answer a wide variety of business questions.

The answer is clear.

Sign up today and activate your free 14-day trial subscription at Following your trial period, you will be invited to become a subscriber, paying just $495/month (per user), or $4,950/year (per user) — the equivalent of two months free! You can also cancel at any time.

There’s no long-term commitment, but you’ll want to remain a subscriber.

By remaining a subscriber, you’ll have daily access to the latest data and newly added dashboards, receive valuable tools and tips about how to use the data, and more. Plus, for an additional fee, we can create customized dashboards or reports to meet your unique needs.

Want a demo?

You can request a demo of the Confer Analytics™ platform here. For any other questions, please contact Mohammad Usman, Data Analytics Project Manager, Home Centered Care Institute, at or 630-283-9229. Get your free trial here.

See our Confer Analytics™ Flyer here.

“Our work with Confer Analytics™ has provided us with critical insights into our own marketplace and the ones we are considering for expansion. After testing multiple CMS dataset solutions, we found that Confer Analytics™ was the most cost-effective and user-friendly solution for our ACO.”

Thomas Lally, MD
Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman
Bloom Healthcare

“Confer Analytics™ was launched just in the nick of time! For the first time in our 28-year history, Housecall Providers is expanding our home-based primary care services into new markets. We needed a market intelligence platform built specifically for a home-based medical practice like ours that provides home-based primary care, palliative care, and hospice. Confer Analytics™ allows us to study our competition in these new markets and understand the referral patterns in the region so that we can strategically build new partnerships.”

Rebecca Ramsay, MPH, BSN
Chief Executive Officer
Housecall Providers

Home Centered Care InstituteConfer Analytics™ is powered by the Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI), a national nonprofit dedicated to creating universal access to best practice house call programs through four key initiatives: education, consulting, research, and advocacy. HCCI provides demonstrated value to organizations by helping them achieve growth and quality in home-based primary care, hospice and palliative care, home health, connected care, and hospital at home.

HCCI believes in a world in which all in need of house calls get them. Because the future of healthcare… is in the home.