January 28th, 2020
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frail elderly and caretaker
JAMA Article
Original Investigation  |  Geriatrics

January 24, 2020

Authors: Jennifer L. Wolff, PhD; Vicki A. Freedman, PhD; John F. Mulcahy, MSPH

Key Points

Question  What are family and unpaid caregivers’ experiences with health care workers in the care of older adults with activity limitations?

Findings  In this national survey study, most caregivers reported that older adults’ health care workers always (70.6%) or usually (18.2%) listened to them and always (54.4%) or usually (17.7%) asked about their understanding of the older adult’s treatments, but fewer caregivers reported being always (21.3%) or usually (6.9%) asked whether they need help managing older adults’ care.

Meaning  These findings reinforce the need for health system strategies to support family and unpaid caregivers, who are the main source of assistance to older adults with physical and/or cognitive limitations.

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