August 4th, 2021
Categories: Training & Education

HCCI Workshop

One of the best parts of HCCI’s Essential Elements of Home-Based Primary Care and Advanced Applications of Home-Based Primary Care workshops isn’t on the syllabus.

While participants in the two-day workshops get an in-depth education on how to start or improve their HBPC practices, they also gain access to a support system that lasts long after the classes end.

“The workshop lays the foundation, but then also connects you to a caring faculty that wants to see each one of our learners thrive,” says Jeannine Lyons, HCCI’s director of education. “Of course, our workshops will help get them up and running operationally and feeling more confident in using their house call skills, but they also become part of something larger, they become part of a national effort to increase access for all to home-based care.”

To fully understand the impact of this approach, it’s important to hear directly from one of the participants.

“HCCI and courses like the Advanced Applications of Home-Based Primary Care Virtual Care Workshop provided me tools necessary to understand how our program can evolve and transform to meet the needs of our homebound patients,” says workshop attendee Nichole Bateman, PA-C, MPAS, of Integris Mobile Care in Miami, Oklahoma. “Having a resource to help guide the administrative decisions that support the work we do is vital to the survivability of our practices.”

Bateman also noted the challenges of those trying to balance caring for patients and running a practice. “There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do the clinical work as well as program development for those who are solo trying to create successful HBPC practices,” she says. “Having access to HCCI’s guidance and materials has been great. I look forward to networking with other program participants and will be reaching out to HCCI staff, too.”

According to Lyons, HCCI is intentionally working to create a larger community through its education, research, and consulting – one based on care and connection.

The next HCCI workshops, first Essential Elements of HBPC in Orlando from December 2-3, then Advanced Applications of HBPC in Schaumburg, IL, from December 9-10, mark a return to in-person meetings for HCCI (subject to status of the pandemic). Though HCCI is returning to in-person meetings, the organization’s adapted virtual courses had such high engagement and participation this year they will add virtual options for some 2022 offerings.

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