HCCI has developed a library of free and premium downloadable tools, tip sheets, sample forms, and how-to guides on various operational and clinical home-centered care topics. Designed by our experts with years of home-centered care experience, and utilizing information from key sources such as Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, these resources provide valuable and timely answers, requirements, and best practices for house call providers, staff, and practice leaders interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in home-based medical care.

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New HCCIntelligence™ Premier Resource Released

This comprehensive resource simplifies the complexity of Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) Coding, a key component of risk adjustment methodologies. Used by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and other major programs, these methodologies shape annual capitated payments for Medicare Advantage beneficiaries and forecast costs in Medicare Shared Savings Programs and innovative Alternative Payment Models (APMs). This resource will help your practice pinpoint conditions with risk adjustment weight, offer example diagnosis codes tailored to home-based primary care, and enable you to enhance your diagnosis coding accuracy and address the complexities of your patient population’s healthcare needs.

Cost: $55


Provides access to all HCCIntelligence™ Premier Tools & Tip Sheets and complimentary resources listed in the Practice Operations & Leadership, Clinical, and Sample Forms and Templates bundles.

Cost: $229


This bundle contains resources developed by industry leaders skilled in operating efficient house call programs, highly skilled practice managers, professionally certified medical coders, and other professionals with expertise in strategic planning, marketing, and training.  This bundle includes valuable resources focused on operational efficiencies that guide you in maximizing revenue through accurate coding & documentation, expanding services, optimizing patient & caregiver communication, and increasing patient referrals.

Complimentary Tools & Tip Sheets Included:

Cost: $169


This bundle contains resources developed by house call providers with extensive experience delivering quality home-centered medical care. This bundle includes a variety of topics such as recommendations on how to provide medical procedures to complex patients in the home, infection control during home visits, requirements for Annual Wellness Visits, guidelines for Durable Medical Equipment, and delivering value-based patient-centered care in the home.

Complimentary Tools & Tip Sheets Included:

 Cost: $99

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