Introducing HCCIntelligence™ Premier Tools & Tip Sheets


Date: 4|28|2023

Are you a home-centered care medical provider running your own practice, while needing to sift through pages of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) coding guidelines to address thousands of dollars in recent denials*? Or a practice manager looking to improve your geographic scheduling? Or maybe a nurse practitioner with a new practice, trying to do all the above, while learning critical in-home infection control?

And what if you have questions about any of these matters but don’t have the time, budget, and staff to find the answers?

If so, did you know there’s a place you can turn to that can provide you with valuable and timely answers from experts in a way that’s quick, convenient, and likely well within your budget? One that over 4,000 of your colleagues have already turned to, that has helped its core clients grow their practices by 25% on average?

Introducing HCCIntelligence™ Premier Tools & Tip Sheets 

The Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI) is proud to introduce our expanded library of HCCIntelligence™ Premier Tools & Tip Sheets. In this library of our most popular, most downloaded resources, you’ll get the answers you need without having to wade through mountains of information, much of which may not even be relevant to home-based ca

That’s because our experts do it for you.

They create the content based on years of home-centered care experience and vet other key information, like CMS guidelines, to distill what’s most important ─ specific to home-based medical care clinical and operational needs. Then, they develop the resources to be as easy to use as possible. Plus, our resources are regularly updated to stay current with applicable guidelines and requirements.

Available in Convenient, Cost-Effective Bundles or Individually

We want to provide the resources in the way that best fits your needs and budget. So, you can purchase them in convenient, affordable bundles (you can also purchase individual resources to meet your specific needs):

Meet the Experts Behind the Resources

They’re people like you, who’ve chosen the home-based medical care field, and who understand that some of the greatest care and connection can happen in the home – or place called “home.” Our experts are providers, practice staff, and others, like the HCCI Consulting Team and Research Team, who have been on the frontline of providing care and want to share what they’ve learned because they’ve seen the difference it makes.

Helping You Do What You Do Best

By offering the HCCIntelligence Premier™ Tools & Tip Sheets, HCCI wants to take things off your plate in a way that’s helpful to you, your staff, and your budget. That means we create, search, and sift so you can take more time with your patients and their caregivers and family members. And we break it down to make it easier for you to apply right away. All so that you can focus on what you do best – providing valuable care for your patients and running a successful, growing practice that can help you serve even more.

See the HCCIntelligence™ Premier Tools & Tip Sheets Flyer here.

*According to a March 16, 2021 Primary Group Management Association MGMA Stat poll, respondents reported that they had seen a 69% increase in patient denials, which then entails costs to rework the claim. Also, according to Change Healthcare’s 2020 Revenue Cycle Denials Index, the average denial rate rose 23% since 2016.