Tesla of At-Home Care

By Bailey Bryant | Health Care News | Jan 2, 2019

As the senior population booms, agencies and health care systems continue to look for cost effective ways to provide quality in-home care. But even before industry giants were targeting innovation, an unlikely pioneer — the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) — was leading the charge.

With reports of system-wide negligence and arbitrary caregiver dismissals making headlines over the years, VA has long been mired in controversy. But despite scandals and the challenges of bureaucracy, the department’s innovative home health services have been lauded for decades. In fact, least one observer compares VA to Tesla, the Elon Musk-led electric car company that has become shorthand for ambitious innovation — despite some notable stumbles.

“We’re working in this environment of challenging budget constraints, and at the same time, we’re a very mission driven organization,” Thomas Edes, director of comprehensive geriatrics and palliative care programs for the Department of Veterans Affairs, told Home Health Care News. “Put those together and what happens? That really pushes us to innovate.” Read the full article