Date: 10|25|2022

Paul Chiang, MD

Medical Director, Northwestern Medicine HomeCare Physicians
Senior Medical and Practice Advisor, Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI)

Dr. Paul Chiang, Senior Medical and Practice Advisor

Paul Chiang

About Dr. Chiang

At HCCI, Dr. Chiang focuses on developing curricula, teaching current and future providers, and presenting the value of home-based primary care locally and nationally. In addition, he serves as Medical Director for Northwestern Medicine HomeCare Physicians in suburban Chicago.

After attending medical school at the University of Illinois Chicago, Dr. Chiang completed his residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. He holds a Master of Arts in bioethics. In 2014, Central DuPage Hospital named him one of “50 Unsung Heroes.” In October 2019, he earned the “House Call Physician of the Year” award from the American Academy of Home Care Medicine.

Dr. Chiang is a key faculty member of HCCI’s Essential Elements of Home-Based Primary Care™ and Advanced Applications of HBPC™ workshops, where he presents a wide range of courses, including: Foundational Principles of HBPC and the 4M’s in the Care of Older Adults; Multicomplexity and the Art of Managing Multiple Health Conditions in Homebound Patients; and The Role of Cultural Competence and Considerations of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Home-Based Care.

How did you get involved with house calls?

I am from a family of physicians, so perhaps I was destined to become a doctor. I also have a desire to improve the lives of others, especially elderly patients who are often marginalized by physical, financial, or transportation barriers that limit their ability to access basic primary medical care. House call medicine is a calling to serve and care for medically complex, frail patients and to support their caregivers, so they have the necessary resources to care for their loved ones.

How will learners benefit from the HCCI workshops?

There are not many medical education programs with a focus on primary care at home. What makes HCCI courses different is we teach you how to care for these complex patients at home, not only covering important clinical aspects of HBPC but also practice management considerations, which are critical in efficient care delivery to homebound patients. It is this unique blend of content that will benefit our learners.

What is your most memorable HCCI workshop moment?

There have been so many memorable moments, it is hard to pinpoint just one. I’m always amazed when I see those “aha!” moments when learners discover new opportunities during a billing and coding session to earn additional revenue that will help support their work. On the clinical side, it brings me a lot of satisfaction when I see learners gain confidence in their ability to care for complex patients at home. Finally, it is good to observe attendees gathering in between or after sessions to talk about their challenges and successes, learn from each other and connect with other mission-minded people who understand the home-care space.