June 18th, 2021
Categories: Practice Management, Training & Education

The Results Are In

In a recent Impact and Needs Assessment Survey, the Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI) asked past learners to share actions they have taken—and how those actions have affected their practices—as a result of participating in HCCI program and service offerings. Below are snapshots of the responses from the 70+ survey respondents:

HCCI Survey Chart 1


HCCI Survey Chart 2

56% of survey respondents reported increases in the number of patients being served by their practice since engaging with HCCI.

HBPC Practice Growth Trends

HCCI remains committed to expanding the home-based primary care workforce through education, consulting, and developing a research-based model for sustainable house call program implementation and growth. For more information, visit www.hccinstitute.org and follow @HCCInstitute.