HCCInsider ProgramDate: 8|23|2023

Are you an HCCInsider? For only $15 a month, your donation (which will be doubled by a generous HCCI donor) will cover the cost to provide early career online training in home-based primary care for a medical resident or trainee and accomplish the following:

  • Offer vital exposure for residents, and those training to be advanced practice nurses or physician assistants, since most medical training does not include home-based primary care ─ possibly propelling them to become future house call providers.
  • Educate residents and trainees on the benefits of collaborating with, or referring their very complex or homebound patients, to house call providers.
  • Provide more career satisfaction, as house call providers often share how caring for people in their homes lets them treat patients more holistically, spend more time with them, and fulfill their original purpose of helping people, the very reason they likely chose medicine as a career.

What happens if we don’t provide that training? That resident or trainee may not be exposed to house calls; may not become a house call provider; and by extension, would not be able to contribute to solving the problem currently facing thousands of patients, their caregivers and family ─ how to find a provider that will come to their home, or place they call “home,” especially when the patient’s physical and/or mental decline make getting to the provider’s office a challenge, or even an all-day affair.

Now, imagine if your loved one was one of those people who needs this care.

As an HCCInsider, your donation will be counted as part of Our Summer Campaign and your Donation will Double

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