April Odom

Date: 3|22|2023

HCCI’s Illinois House Call Project Champion April Odom, MSN, APRN-FPA, CRRN, FNP-BC, a family nurse practitioner with over 20 years of experience, and CEO of PhysicalsPlus, will participate in a free live, virtual event on March 24 at 1pm CT, titled Healing at Home: Pandemic Lessons and the Future of Home Care.

Hosted by Tradeoffs, an outlet that brings conversations about health policy to Main Street, Wall Street, and Capitol Hill, the event will include Odom serving as a special audience guest who will provide insight on her work as a home-based primary care provider and how homebound patients and their family caregivers are benefitting from this important type of care.

During the event, moderated by Tradeoffs Founder and Executive Editor Dan Gorenstein, Odom will also join in as administrators, clinicians, insurers, regulators, patients, and others with direct experience in at-home care discuss lessons learned from the pandemic and how these lessons can be applied to the future of home-based care across the continuum — from primary care, to in-home care, to hospital-at-home care, and beyond.

The featured guests will include:

How will this event be different?
Unlike traditional virtual panels, participants will not only be listening but will be welcomed to become part of the event to provide their perspectives and share their experiences. The overall goal with this approach is to create more interactive, fluid, and real conversations.

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