Date: 2|26|2024

Home-centered care practices and organizations live in a data-driven world. And whether your practice is just getting started, looking to grow, or already well-established, having the right data is essential for making informed decisions, solving problems, and guiding continuous quality improvements.

But where do you find the “right” data?

Here are three common tactics home-centered care practices use to gather the unique business intelligence they need:

“D-I-Y” DataACTION: Internet-based research conducted in-house, or limited to own data

BENEFIT: Inexpensive


  • Time- and resource-consuming
  • Not typically verifiable
  • Often requires further analysis
Proprietary data platformACTION: Build in-house platform using CMS data

BENEFIT: Customizable to meet specific or unique requirements


  • Requires CMS data access license
  • Requires dedicated data analyst(s)
  • Long lead time (12+ months)
  • Estimated investment for the above: $200K+
Confer Analytics™ business intelligence platformACTION: Subscribe to Confer Analytics™ platform


  • Developed by HCCI’s experts
  • Tested by leading home-care providers
  • Affordable, user-friendly platform
  • Uses 100% claims data from Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid
  • Allows practices to benchmark against others across the U.S.
  • Offers insights into patient demographics, growth capacity, quality metrics, referral sources, competitors, and more
  • Provides custom reporting capabilities
  • Supported by HCCI’s data scientists and consultants


  • Subscription-based service is just $5,450/year — more affordable than competing products
  • Custom analytics and data products also available


Data and Value-Based Care: The Critical Relationship

As value-based care (VBC) continues to transform health care delivery, quality metrics, and reimbursement contracts, home-centered care practices face an evolving landscape as they transition away from traditional fee-for-service (FFS) care models. Whether looking to grow or simply maintain their practice during this transformative shift, it’s clear that accurate, actionable, and affordable data will be required for practices to demonstrate their value while aligning their services with patient needs and preferences.

Navigate Your Future with the Confer Analytics™ Business Intelligence Platform

The Confer Analytics™ business intelligence platform offers affordable solutions for answering essential questions related to patient demographics, capacity for growth, quality benchmarks, referral sources, and more. HCCI will also help you navigate and assess the data findings to create actionable strategies.

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